The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities

Why is it that those calling for greater equality are the same who are the most vocal in the call to ban firearms? From a historical perspective we know that when firearms are taken away people become oppressed by their government (i.e. Soviet Union, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Germany, etc. etc.), the people now serve the government instead of the government serving the people.

Plain and simple, firearms are the great equalizer. During the American Civil War, Black Americans were empowered by joining the Union Army and taking up arms to fight against the Confederates, Jewish German Citizens were empowered in Warsaw Ghetto by taking up arms against the Nazis, there was a time when women did not fight on the front lines but now they’re empowered with firearms and training and most have proved to be well suited for combat, and Yazidi woman make up the bulk of Kurdish fighters against ISIS because once armed they refused to give up their territory.

So, we wonder now, why do some women want to give up the one tool that can give them equal power? There are multiple news stories every year about women protecting themselves with firearms from intruders, rapists, and robbers but now the main-stream media does not report those stories. As a matter of fact, there is no media recognition at all when a firearm is used to save lives, it happens more that you know, here are some examples:

· A Texas woman grabbed her gun when a shovel-wielding man broke into her home and pointed the firearm at him stating “one more step and you will die”…the man fled.

· A Florida woman’s security system failed when her ex-boyfriend breaks in and her son grabs her firearm and shoots the ex-boyfriend twice, saving his mother.

· A 70-year-old senior citizen was home when a break-in occurred, when the intruder entered her bedroom, she fired four shots, hitting and wounding intruder he fled.

These examples were never mentioned in the main-stream media. When an armed citizen stopped a massacre inside a church you only heard about the gunman who killed churchgoers not about the armed citizen who stopped the massacre. If the story doesn’t fit the narrative of “firearms are bad” they story won’t run.

In the 20th Century, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Chaves, and Mao knew they had to disarm their citizens to create an order that would benefit them and not their citizens. Now Billionaires Soros (a Jewish man who turned in his own people to the Nazis) and Bloomberg, as well as other liberal-democrat-socialist want to disarm America, but as Jose Nino’s stated “Foreigners may scoff as the US’s Second Amendment, but it is one of the most far-reaching rights the framers of the Constitution made sure to protect. Political turmoil can emerge at any time and citizens must have a final means of protecting themselves in the case that all institutional options have be exhausted.”

The great equalizer for everyone is the firearm, whether it’s for freedom or life, firearms equalize situations.