Don’t you think it’s time to create a protection plan for your home and when you’re away?  The number of violent occurrences depends on where you live but your plan of action is for anywhere at any time.  In previous blogs I’ve talked about situational awareness and the importance of avoiding potential violent crimes but in this blog I would like to discuss developing that protection plan whether you’re at home, work, house of worship or school. 

CEO Security Solutions believes that Being Prepared Saves LivesTM and there are steps that can be taken to limit your exposure to danger.  Reaction, when confronted by a violent crime depends on whether you have a plan in place or not.  In our active shooter defense classes, we teach run-hide-fight but in this case we call it avoid-escape-defend and each scenario depends on reaction time.  When reaction time is a minute or more you should be able to avoid a violent crime, withe 30 to 60 seconds you’re able to identify and evaluate a potential violent situation and remove yourself before your options become too limited, with less than 5 seconds there is no choice but to defend by using your firearm or to quickly find cover.

The important thing is to gain those important seconds that will allow you to avoid or escape, run or hide; situational awareness is important wherever you go.  Sensing sounds, vicinity, people and objects within your environment are all possible ways when you look in all directions and not just your phone.  You’ve heard people say, “get out of my personal space” well you also have a “protective space”.  Protective space around you should give you enough time to think and react and can be adjusted if you’re alone, on a date, or even with your family; 20 feet around you gives you just seconds to react, the larger your protective space, the more time you have to react.

One of the main goals should be to not look like a victim; looking around while walking shows to people around you that your observant of who and what is going on.  Looking down at your phone makes you a potential target, looking around informs others that you are “ready” for any situation that may arise.  Making eye contact with those around you lets them know that you’re aware of their presence.  If there’s a possible threat, using verbal commands such as “stop”, “get back” and prepare you avoid or defend, of course when the danger is imminent the decision has to be made immediately to run-hide-fight.

No one feels easy in low light areas, when there’s no escape route or when there are too many barriers where others can hide.  Assess each area in your mind and you could even make a game out of it; if you’re with your family try to recognize exits, possible escape routes and concealed carry holders.  One thing for sure, is to have a plan.

The same preparation needs to happen for your home as well; when was the last time you checked to confirm that the windows on the lower level of your house were locked, is there anything outside of the house that can be used to help an intruder climb through a window, do you have an alarm company, are there alarm company stickers posted around?  Is your door strong enough to withstand being kicked in, are the locks in good working order?, do you have a deadbolt?, is your house well-lit both inside and out?, is your landscaping overgrown?, there are many questions to be answered and a home protection plan is good to create.

CEOSS’s holds classes each month for the general public especially educators and women.  When it comes time for firearm training, we are proud to provide one-on-one classes that teach the universal firearm safety rules, firearm maintenance, range experience, malfunctions, holster safety, overall shooting fundamentals and understanding your particular firearm.  We also help you choose the firearm and ammunition that’s right for you by considering your ability to carry, shoot, mental readiness. Your protection plan is important whether you carry or not but one thing for sure is that you must have a plan.