Personal Pistol Instruction (New Firearm Owners)


Introduces First-Time Owner to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.

  • 2-Hours of one-on-one Instruction
  • First Hour
    • Pistol Parts and Operation
    • Ammunition
    • Firearm Safety
    • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
  • Second Hour
    • Range Time
    • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
  • Must have NY State Issued Firearm Permit
  • BYOF or Use One Of Ours (9mm Only)
  • Fulfills the requirement for applying for/keeping a pistol license (CCW) in the NY Counties of Cortland, Lewis, and Putnam.
  • Fulfills Florida’s Acceptable Training and Arizona’s requirement for competency.
  • Good for applying for a pistol license in CT, RI, MA, and ME for Class A LTC’s.



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