Firearm Transfers

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 Transfer Services & Memberships

We Provide Firearm Transfers for all Types of Firearms
All State Laws Are Followed

*Transfer Membership include unlimited transfers for one year starting from the date of sign-up. All firearms must be retrieved by the end date of the membership, if not, you will incur another year’s membership fee. All firearms retrieved are subject to owner completing the 4473 AND receiving a “PROCEED” reply from the FBI NICS check. Firearms will not be returned without the “PROCEED” reply from the FBI NICS check but can be transferred to another FFL for a fee of $49.00.


First Responder/Judicial Transfers

$30 Firearm Transfers
$40 Long Gun Transfers
$99 Transfer Memberships*

Private Transfers

$10 Firearm Transfers
$10 Long Gun Transfers

All other transfers

$45 Firearm Transfers
$50 Long Gun Transfers
$129.99 Transfer Membership*